5 Person Garden Spa Bath Hottub With Jacuzzi Function

Outdoor spas feature stress therapy: Benefits from relaxing and unwind in clear,clean,soft and warm spa water. body therapy:Liquid massage and in-spa stretching for more muscle reliefing healthy habit: Clear,clean,soft and warm spa water contributes positively to your health thermal workout: A healthy bathing experience every time you use your spa sleep therapy:Nightly soakings improve the quality of your sleep skin therapy:Through natural cleansing of spa massages
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 L508 spas tub:

 Seating2 lounge & 3 seats
 Shell colors7 colors for options
 Shell material US Aristech  Acrylic
 Circulation Pump1*0.35HP (WTC50)
 Jet pump 
3*3HP (LP300)
 Product dimension2300*2300*900mm
 Dry weight410 kg
 Filled weight(with water inside)2210kg
 Air valve3pcs
 Drainage outlet1pcs
 Headrest pillows(pc)3pcs
 Support frameAluminium (40mm*20mm)
 SkirtAluminium Pannel(10mm)+ABS Corner
 Shell insulation2 cm
 BaseABS with PVC
Control systemBalboa BP6013 G3+ Touch 2T +3kw heater
Power supply
Underwater lighting1pcs
 Jets total (pc)88pcs
Hydrotherapy Jets(2'')23pcs
Hydrotherapy Jets(2.5'')26pcs
Hydrotherapy Jets(3.5'')6pcs
Hydrotherapy Jets(5'')6pcs
Hydrotherapy Jets(1'')27pcs
Filter1pcs ;1*100sf
UV sterilizer1pcs

In the spa tub, you can add some water-soluble bath oil with relaxing effect to enhance the effect of hydromassage; start the air massage system and run for 3 minutes. If your SPA bathtub has an air massage system, use the air adjustment switch to adjust the air volume to the maximum (water and air are sprayed out after mixing through the nozzle); start the air massage system and hydromassage system, if your SPA hydrotherapy The bathtub has only a hydromassage system, and the air volume is adjusted to a medium level with an air adjustment switch. The massage water stream provides an effective way to soothe the muscle tissue by relieving the nervous tension on the skin surface, and at the same time accelerates the blood circulation in the body.

About our product:

We are a Spas manufacturer.
We accept ODM and OEM.
Our products can be placed on the floor or installed in the ground.
The more products you want, the more affordable the price.

Please contact us if you have any problems.

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