High Quality Massage Black US Aristech Acrylic Outdoor Spa For 6 People

Lovia 2020 new outdoor spa L507 Weekend comes, stay silently at home or hold a family party? Why not hold a hot tub party ? Family get together, lie or sit on hot tub, hot tub give you massage function when you talk something about work or school. How nice the weekend is even you stay at home! You can relax your body, mind, mood. Busy Work at day, Relax Life at night. Outdoor Spa L507 with 78 jets, its massage function are for different parts of you, hands,feet, body etc, it can help you relax and make you more comfortable even stay at home.
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Product Details

New corner spa tub for 6 people

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L507 Product Specification

 Seating1 Lounges & 5 seats
 Shell colors7 colors for options
 Shell materialUS Aristech  Acrylic
 Product dimension2300*2300*900mm
 Dry weight410 kg
 Filled weight(with water inside)2210kg
 Circulation Pump
1*0.35HP (WTC50)
 Jet pump 
2*3HP (LP300)
 Air valve3pcs
 Drainage outlet1pcs
 Headrest pillows(pc)3pcs
 Support frameAluminium (40mm*20mm)
 SkirtAluminium Pannel(10mm)+ABS Corner
 Shell insulation2 cm
 BaseABS with PVC
Control systemBalboa BP6013G2 + Touch 2T+3kw heater
Power supply220V/380V/110V
Underwater lighting1pcs
Total Jets80pcs
Hydrotherapy Jets(5'')3pcs
Hydrotherapy Jets(3.5'')10pcs
Hydrotherapy Jets(2.5'')32pcs
Hydrotherapy Jets(2'')13pcs
Hydrotherapy Jets(1'')22pcs
UV sterilizer1pcs

The massage bathtub is mainly through the movement of the motor, so that the nozzle on the inner wall of the bathtub sprays the water mixed with the air, which causes the circulation of the water, which has a massage effect on the human body. Take Kohler's single-speed water pump and pneumatic switch massage bathtub as an example: as long as the bathtub is filled with water, it can run on its own. There is a suction port at the bottom of the bathtub, and the water is sucked from here to the pump, and then flows back to the bathtub through the nozzles installed on both sides of the bathtub. At this time, air is sucked in from the air inlet and mixed with the water flow at the nozzles. By rotating the edge of each nozzle, the air flow can be adjusted.

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