Acrylic 5 Person Massage Party Spa

Lovia Pola Series--Acrylic 5 person Massage Party Spa The minimalist design of the Pola series hot tubs is inspired by contemporary architecture trends, allowing them to integrate harmoniously in modern living environments. Thanks to the reduced form and straight lines, they become a fuss-free design highlight on the terrace. Obtained the invitation of the organizer of the Pisina &Wellness Barcelona exhibition in 2021 as the main exhibition product display
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Acrylic 5 person Massage Party Spa--Lovia Spa Manufacturer


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1 10 years ago, the introduction of American Spas technology, the probability of leakign bubbles in the shell is now the lowest. 

2 Exclusive customization of all-aluminum plastic panel skirt with bulit-in 10mm thickness isolation, durability far exceeds ordinary PS sheet skirt 

3 Reasonable planning, the largest interval between the ordered pipelines and electrical circuits, and the high safety.

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