Acrylic Bathtub For 3 Persons

Acrylic Bathtub for 3 Persons L302 is our portable spa, it is very suitable for you if your garden is small. Take one at home, you can enjoy the spa enjoy the happy life.The spa can give you full massage, including foot,leg, neck etc, so comfortable after the massage. Would you like to have a try?
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Acrylic Bathtub for 3 Persons from Lovia  Spa Manufacturer


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color L302

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our factory

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Customer Case


How often should a hot tub be cleaned?

Cleaning the hot tub and of course draining should be done about 4 times a year, but it all depends on how well the hot tub is performing. For these rare occasions you will be very grateful for having a bottom drain, if there is one of course. A hose pipe will do the trick.


Must the hot tub be installed outside only?

Although most of the hot tubs are installed outside, you can install them just as easy inside. Keep in mind though that the surface must be strong enough, that you must have a way to drain the hot tub and also that in the long run you will probably need a dehumidifier.

Can I use the hot tub during the cold season?

Absolutely yes. As a matter of fact in countries with a long tradition in using hot tubs like Canada or Sweden people prefer using them in the cold season. It has also been discovered that using warm water in a cold environment will increase drastically the beneficial health effects. So if it’s cold outside it is warm and nice in the hot tub and you will definitely enjoy the experience







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