Why People Choose A Jacuzzi Spas At Home

- Dec 29, 2020-

About outdoor jacuzzi spa:                                                                                                                                                          1.Professional spa equipment has the function of automatically cleaning the water quality. For example, the equipment of the spa bath can be disinfected by setting the automatic cleaning cycle twice a day, every 2-3 hours. It is equipped with filters, ozone generators, and circulating water pumps. As long as it is powered on, the entire circulating system is like a water treatment factory. Physical impurities and chemical substances such as bacteria and viruses will be invisible to ensure water quality. Clean, to avoid skin infection during use, thereby ensuring the health of users.

2.Massage effect: The massage effect of outdoor hot tub should be more than 10 times that of ordinary massage bathtubs. At the same time, it can heat water to a preset temperature through a constant temperature heater. For example, the most suitable water temperature for human immersion is "35-38 degrees." When the massage pump and the air pump are activated at the same time, the warm water mixed with oxygen is applied to different parts of the human body through the multifunctional rotatable nozzle.

3.The SPAS bathtub is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Professional spa equipment has a fully automatic cycle antivirus function, so in general, it is enough to change the water once a month to 2 months.


4.More functions:The SPA bathtub can be equipped with an entertainment audio-visual system, and you can watch movies and listen to music. You can also install a bar and wine barrels, suitable for those who love wine tasting. In addition, you can add aromatherapy. The fragrance in the aromatherapy box enters the water through the air pump, and the charming fragrance diffuses into your nostrils, allowing people to relax and have a strong sense of pleasure;

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