Tips For Buying Outdoor Massage Spa Pools

- Nov 04, 2020-

Tips for buying massage spa pools:

outdoor jacuzzi spa

  1.  About the material:
    The massage spa pool is made of pure acrylic and composite panels. The pure acrylic can be easily repaired when you encounter minor bruises. There is a trick. You can squeeze a little toothpaste onto the wet cloth and draw a circle in a clockwise direction. In this way, the scratches can be repaired; and only the surface layer of acrylic is suitable for the board. If it is accidentally scratched, the composite material underneath will be exposed and it is difficult to repair it to its original appearance.

  2. tAbout he cylinder frame:
    The cylinder frame of a good massage SPA pool is made of stainless steel, which can effectively prevent rust and corrosion. The density of the cylinder frame should be large, and the lack of density will affect the bearing capacity.

  3. Features:
    A good outdoor massage SPA pool can effectively solve the drainage problem of the bathtub. Nowadays, the bathtubs of many manufacturers cannot drain the water cleanly, and it is easy to cause secondary pollution when massage next time.

  4. Leakage Protection:
    This is the important. Some products have only one leakage protection switch, which can easily cause accidents. Good brands generally have two leakage protections, and some even have three layers of defense protection. Multiple insurance can effectively solve security loopholes.

  5. Motor:
    Everyone knows that the surf massage function of the massage SPA pool is driven by a motor. The motor selected by a good brand is of good quality, which can effectively ensure the effect of surfing and has a low failure rate.

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