The Water Pump In The Jacuzzi Does Not Turn

- Mar 26, 2019-

1. Is the power supply turned on?

2, The pump impeller does not turn - check the pump for debris, you can unplug the air pipe on the switch, remove debris

3, The pump idling burned - replace the pump

Air switch, air tube not inserted or leaking air - insert air tube or replace air tube

The air switch is not closed - the measuring switch is in good condition when there is no power, the air cushion has holes, if it should be replaced

Air switch air pressure is insufficient - air pressure should be replaced

Pump motor burned - check for short circuit, open circuit, burn and replace the motor

The pump impeller or the main shaft is stuck--when the motor is in good condition, the pump starts to have a large current sound, but the pump does not run: (1), the starting capacitor burns out and replaces the capacitor; (2), the pump head is opened, Pull the impeller by hand. If the hand cannot be turned, the spindle will be stuck and the pump should be replaced.

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