The Swim Spa Advantage

- May 15, 2019-


Why many people prefer swim spa to hot tub? I think that many people want to swim and massage in one area. But the swim spa also can other benefit. Such as:

1. Body parts targeted by Aquatic Cross Training

Cross Training is a discipline whose purpose is to build a solid body, while putting personal challenges, such as increasing the number of repetitions in a given time. This discipline allows you to increase your general physical condition, without favoring a particular place. Good for health, diverse, it is an effective workout that targets different parts of the body such as your abs, your arms, your legs, your glutes and your back with swimming.


2. Towards an improvement of the physical condition

Flexibility: Our Cross Training programs begin with warm-up exercises and end with relaxation exercises such as stretching or light cardiovascular activity.


3.  Aerobic: Our exercise routines include a range of exercises such as running, climbing and swimming, which will increase your heart rate and strengthen your cardiovascular system.


4. Musculation: The benefit of training in our swim spa is the ability to develop your strength using water equipment such as paddles, dumbbells and resistance bands to perform flexions, extensions and bust rotations using water as a source of resistance.

5. You can take your swim spa with you if you move.