The Difference Between Outdoor Spa And Bathtub

- Aug 24, 2020-

1.The difference in function

Jacuzzi,  is a bathtub with massage function. This is the biggest difference between Jacuzzi and ordinary bathtub. The latest jacuzzi is a hydrotherapy massage bathtub, which can use water to stimulate various parts of the human body, massage muscles, accelerate blood circulation, relieve pain and activate joints. The clustered spa water nozzles around the bathtub can effectively relieve the fatigue of various parts of the body. In addition, we can also adjust each nozzle individually according to our own needs, either on or off. In addition, this hydromassage bathtub is also equipped with a constant temperature system, which can heat the water temperature to a preset temperature through a constant temperature heater. These functions are effects that ordinary bathtubs cannot achieve, and ordinary bathtubs generally only have the function of bathing.

2.Structural difference
Jacuzzi , its main body is also a cylinder, but different from ordinary bathtubs, it is equipped with a switch on the side of the cylinder, and there are surfing nozzles in the cylinder. The general jacuzzi is round. But now according to its actual function, various modeling structures have appeared. In addition, the design of cushions and armrests inside the bathtub is designed according to the body position. But ordinary bathtubs are generally oval, and there are not so many settings.

3.The difference in material and price
At present, most of the jacuzzi are made of acrylic composite materials, which are light in weight and diverse in shapes. These materials have good durability. The ordinary bathtubs are mostly cast iron enamel bathtubs, glass steel bathtubs and so on. This is the material difference between the two. The quality of the material determines the quality of the bathtub, so when choosing a bathtub, you should choose a bathtub of better quality based on your actual needs. This will not have an impact on our health, and it will last longer.

And outdoor jacuzzi can accommodate many people,you can massage with your family or your friends.

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