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- Dec 10, 2020-

About garden jacuzzi spa

Spas acrylic

Jacuzzi massage function

whirlpool bathtub

The finished spa massage pool, through a special water flow pushing device, forms a directional water circulation to achieve the purpose of massage and fitness.

  1. Pool body material: The material used for the spa massage pool body is acrylic, which can be made in China or imported. Imported acrylic material has more stable performance, and has excellent performance in terms of thermoplasticity, ductility, impact resistance, and UV radiation resistance. 2. Convenient operation and all intelligent control. 3. A variety of exquisite appearances are available, intelligent constant temperature system, surf massage.  4. The spa pool and jacuzzi is equipped with a unique romantic lantern and bubble massage function.     5. There are three layers of defense protection in the SAP pool, with active power failure to protect safety. It is also equipped with automatic drainage function, safe and convenient.

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