Self Cleaning System For Swim Spas And Hot Tubs

- Oct 30, 2020-

A self cleaning system for a swim spa and a hot tub including a container for holding water having a weight bearing floor and sides. A basin may be positioned in the floor of the container and is integral with the container. A perforated cover may be set into the basin. A suctioning means can be positioned in the basin under the perforated cover to allow for the suctioning of water and debris through the perforated cover.


This invention relates in general to cleaning systems for bodies of water and more particularly to a self cleaning system for swim spas and hot tubs.


Typically the cleaning of contained bodies of water, such as those found in swimming pools is achieved by suction that attempts to remove dirt, leaves and other forms of debris. Due to the average size of swimming pools, manual cleaning is a time consuming and not particularly effective option as it requires a complicated suctioning and filtering system that is moved around the pool. Some automatic cleaning systems have included a device that automatically moves across the floor of the pool and sucks up debris. These devices or systems are often complicated and are not capable of vacuuming large sized debris.

Prior art self cleaning systems have been devised to address the noted problems. For example, U.S. Pat. No. 6,419,840 issued on Jul. 16, 2002 to Meincke and relates to a cleaning system for a swimming pool having plural active drains deployed about the bottom wall of a swimming pool and that cooperate with plural stationary nozzles mounted in the side walls that direct a flow of water down the side wall of the swimming pool. The directional nozzles dislodge debris from the side and bottom walls which is swept toward and received by the plural active floor drains, thus cleaning the pool. Additionally, the active floor drains have a grid cover that admits larger debris and does not prohibit the use of mobile pool cleaners. The active floor drains are connected to in-deck, fine mesh canister filters to remove medium and large size debris before it reaches the water pump and balance of the pool filtration system.

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