Prospect Analysis Of SPA

- Feb 13, 2019-

White-collar workers: There are 70 million white-collar workers in the country, 46% of whom are women. Among them, 80% of women have slimming and whitening needs, and they are increasing year by year. Among the overall male white-collar workers, 30% have begun to have weight-loss and body-building needs. Since urban white-collar workers spend most of their time in a highly competitive workplace, their image is very important. Become a professional image of a professional white-collar worker. Undoubtedly can increase their competitiveness in the workplace.

Housewives: 40 million urban housewives, 41% of obesity, 90% of them have weight loss and exercise requirements, but due to the chores of household chores, it is difficult to take time to do sports and do maintenance.

Business people: There are about 60 million business people in China. Due to the large amount of social entertainment, coupled with the pressure of competition, the early work of greed has led to most of the sub-health stage. They also know that exercise is good for their health, but they exercise every day. For them: First, they can't get too much time; second, they can't hold on.

The reason why the above groups can't get time or are unwilling to do fitness exercises is that the existing sports style has changed people's living habits and work schedules. The ultrasonic bath spa itself has the function of sports bathing, which changed the original. The way people exercise, people do not move, and exercise in the bath. It will not change people's living habits and work schedule, but also achieve the purpose of exercise and fitness.