Precautions For Massage And Soaking

- Feb 03, 2021-

When you want to massage and soaking,you can know about this:
1. Drink a glass of water before bathing. Body temperature will rise and sweat during bathing. Sweating will lose water and cause dehydration, so it is important to pre-select to replenish water. If there is little water in the body, it will be less prone to sweating, and there is a risk of excessive body temperature rise.

2. Rinse the hands and feet with hot water to allow the body to adapt to the temperature of the water. First, rinse the limbs with hot water in turn to let the body get used to the temperature of the hot water. This is because if the burden caused by the temperature is too heavy, it will cause a sudden change in blood pressure and bring a great burden to the body. Young people also need to pay attention to this.

3. Soak in hot water at about 40°C for 5 minutes to warm your body. First, soak your body in a bath of about 5 minutes in warm water at 40°C that is slightly higher than your body temperature to warm your body. Divide the process of taking a bath in the bathtub into two steps. Slowly raising the body temperature can reduce the burden on the body and it is easier to promote blood circulation.

4. Rinse hands and feet with cold water to constrict blood vessels. After the body is warm, blood vessels will expand and easily lose heat. Rinse hands and feet with cold water. After the blood vessels are constricted, the loss of heat will be reduced, thus continuing to keep warm. The temperature of cold water is OK at 18℃-29℃.

The advantage of Soaking in the hot tub
1. Soaking in the bath has a soothing and calming effect

People who have poor sleep can actually take a warm bath (about 26 degrees, half an hour) before going to bed to promote sleep. This half an hour is much more comfortable and effective than tossing and turning in bed and having trouble sleeping. If possible, you can also drop about 10 drops of essential oil in the water to double the effect! (Lavender and rosemary are good choices)

2. Soaking has a cosmetic effect
Dirt can block the skin pores and cause acne. If there is not enough moisture on the skin, wrinkles are prone to grow. Taking a bath, the skin can directly absorb water vapor, thereby replenishing the skin's moisture.

3. Bathing can bring you a healthy life
Taking a bath in the cold winter can relieve the coldness of our body, increase the heat in our body, and it is also very beneficial to our health. Not only that, regular use of bathtub baths will also help us beautify, replenish moisture in our skin and unclog the pores on our skin.

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