Outdoor Spa Hot Tub Function

- Aug 19, 2020-

Outdoor spa hot tub

SPA hydrotherapy has the following effects: beauty and beauty, relaxation of the body, soothing the body and mind, healthy skin, treatment of diseases, etc.                                                                                    ZR6001侧面场景图

1. The pool material is more environmentally friendly
The pool body is made of acrylic sheet imported from the United States, which is heated and shaped at high temperature. The sheet has good thermal stability and stable composition, thus ensuring the sanitation and environmental protection of the pool water.
Because the spa massage pool is placed outdoors or semi-outdoor in many cases, this puts higher requirements on the anti-ultraviolet ability of the pool material. Imported acrylic sheet has stronger anti-ultraviolet ability, is not easy to deform or discolor, and the quality is guaranteed.                                        
2. More powerful
In the pool shape design, combined with ergonomics, fluid mechanics, and traditional Chinese medicine health theories, a bathtub with spa massage function is produced. When the water temperature is heated to 34-40℃, the spa pool can be used as a hydrotherapy pool with water jets The perfect combination allows you to fully enjoy the excitement of underwater massage.                                                                    
3. More convenient to use
The control operation is completed on the control panel, with simple operation and high degree of automation. Because the massage pool occupies a small area, users can move the installation position according to their needs, and the home layout has more options.                                                                    
4. Installation is more convenient
The spa massage pool has a variety of specifications and can be installed indoors or in private gardens. Using American thermostat and controller, reliable performance and free control. Connect the tap water to the waterway interface, connect the power supply to the distribution box, and the spa massage pool can be put into use.