How To Solve The Cause Of The Malfunction Of The Hot Tub

- Feb 13, 2021-

Causes and solutions of massage bathtub failure

No power supply or leakage, the protection switch tripped
1. The power cord is in poor contact, and the leakage switch is off. Please check and eliminate the poor contact, and turn on the power
2. There is leakage or grounding on the power supply and circuit. Please measure the power supply, circuit and grounding wire, and eliminate the leakage and grounding

The pump does not turn
1. Whether the power is on. Please connect the power.
2. The impeller of the water pump does not rotate. Please check whether the water pump is blocked by debris, unplug the air pipe on the switch to remove the debris.
3. The water pump burns out during idling. Please replace the water pump.
The air switch and the air tube are not plugged in or leaking. Please plug in the air tube or replace the air tube.
The air switch is not closed. Please measure whether the switch is intact and whether the air cushion has holes when it is not energized. Replace if any Insufficient air pressure at the air switch-replace any insufficient air pressure.
The water pump motor is burnt out-check for short circuit or open circuit, burn out and replace the motor.

Water pump impeller or main shaft is stuck.Please when the motor is intact, there is a loud current when starting the water pump, but the water pump does not run: (1), if the starting capacitor is burned out, replace the capacitor; (2), open the pump head to pass through Pull the impeller by hand. If the hand cannot be turned, the main shaft will be stuck and the water pump should be replaced.

Can't adjust the massage water power
1. The suction power of the water pump is not enough.Please check whether the water pump is in good condition.
2. The air regulating valve is abnormal. Please replace the air regulating valve
3.The nozzle is blocked.Please remove debris

The water pipe is leaking
1. Bad sealing ring.Please replace the sealing ring.
2. The screw is not tightened. Please tighten the screw.
3. Poor bonding at the interface.Please remove the old glass glue and tighten again.

4. Damaged water pip. Please replace the water pipe.

The control panel does not start
1. The power cord is not connected properly, and the leakage switch is disconnected.Please check the power cord and reconnect it.
2.The control panel switch fails.Please replace the panel

The pump has large noise and vibration
Internal failure of the water pump. Please replace the water pump.
Improper locking of the anchor bolts of the water pump.Please adjust and lock to the proper position.
Improper connection of the hose to the water pump.Please reconnect the hose to ensure that it does not touch other objects.
The inlet insulation of the water pump has dropped.Please replace the water pump.

No lighting
1. The bulb is broken. Please replace the bulb.
2. The wiring is disconnected. Please reconnect the wiring.
3. The control panel is broken-repair.Please replace the panel.

No sound
1. The horn is broken-replace the horn.
2. The wiring is disconnected-connect the line.
3. The control panel is broken-repair, replace the panel.

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