How To Enjoy The SPA

- Feb 20, 2019-

Understand yourself, the right medicine

Before doing SPA, don't rush to dress and bathe, spend a few minutes, do a survey, and understand your physical condition and temperament according to the analysis of the survey report. Then start from yourself and choose the SPA that suits you according to your own reality.

Relax in the mood, eliminate distracting thoughts

You can think of the SPA as: enjoy a romantic holiday, read a book that is always fresh and fresh, and listen to a quiet and quiet music. The premise of enjoying all this is to calm down, to let go of everything, and not to think about any trivial things.

Transfer the five senses and concentrate on

The flowing water, quiet music, soft light, fragrant plant oil, and even hot stones that are lingering in the south of the Yangtze River can be used in the SPA. Therefore, to enjoy the SPA, you need to fully mobilize the facial features, through the body's five sensory functions: visual, olfactory, auditory, taste, touch perception to achieve a sense of body, mind, and spirit are comfortable.