How To Drain The Jacuzzi

- Feb 08, 2021-

How to drain the jacuzzi

1. Generally speaking, the most common drains for the current jacuzzi are reversing type and bounce type, as well as rope type. If it is a reversal type, you can lift it to release the water; the bounce type can release the water by pressing it up, as for the drawstring, of course, you can release the water by pulling it once. The jacuzzi should have a drain, and a pipe will be connected to the sewer during installation, which is very convenient for draining water.

2. To discharge the water in the massage bathtub, first put the drain pipe in place, connect the hot and cold water of the bathtub, plug in the power supply of the bathtub (note: there must be a good grounding wire), put the bathtub in a suitable position, and then use glass Glue fixes the bathtub to the wall and can be used after 24 hours.

3. If the massage bathtub is drained manually, it will be very troublesome. It is necessary to pull a wire inside the bathtub to open the drain valve. The easiest way is to use a hose to immerse in the bathtub so that the water in the hose is full and full, and then put one end on the bottom of the bathtub and the other end in the floor drain to suck out the water inside.

4. Now there is a fully automatic controlled massage bathtub, which can pre-set the bath water temperature and bath water volume, water intake, heating, buzzer reminder, heat preservation, residual water discharge, and ozone disinfection. The entire process is automatically completed by computer control. The operation is very simple. If conditions permit, buy this bathtub and release the water with one click.

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