How To Buy Outdoor Jacuzzi

- Nov 06, 2020-

When purchasing a outdoor spa, the following aspects need to be considered:

1. The activity space is at least 300×300 cm
To use the outdoor spa hot tub, you need to enter and exit, so you must leave enough and spacious space to use the line to be smooth. If the length and width cannot reach 300×300 cm, it is recommended not to install the massage spa pool to avoid slipping when entering and exiting. It is dangerous to enjoy failure.

2. It is more suitable to be placed at the end of the moving line
If the bathroom space is small, but you want to have a massage spa pool, it is recommended to configure the massage spa at the bottom of the moving line, so as not to feel oppressed by a giant as soon as you enter the door.

3. The best daylight location
Because the pipelines of the massage spa pool are distributed at the bottom, you don't need to place it beside the wall like a basin. It is recommended to place it in a well-lit area, such as a waist window, where you can enjoy the scenery while taking a bath.

4. Need independent space for placement
The massage spa pool needs to have a separate space, especially cannot be combined with the shower room, because the shower room is wet, it is easy to cause damage to the massage spa pool motor, and there are conditions such as hair blockage, and it is not hygienic when used. Because it is a product used for physiotherapy, relaxation and leisure, it can be used in restrooms, sun rooms, basements, swimming pools, villa courtyards and other leisure places, allowing you to diversify your choices. outdoor jacuzzi is only used for bathroom accessories.

5. A maintenance port needs to be reserved
In order to facilitate future inspections, inspection openings must be reserved around the massage SPA pool, and the pool and wall must be larger than 50 cm.

6. Entry issues need to be considered
The cylinder body is a one-piece acrylic molding design, which cannot be disassembled. You need to consider the entry problem when purchasing; it is also a large product, and logistics and unloading require larger vehicles. You need to confirm whether the installation place allows such vehicles to pass.

7. Consider the load bearing problem in advance
The weight of the massage spa pool filled with water is about 2-4 tons. The weight of products of different sizes is different, and it is best to install it on the first floor, basement, or yard. For high floors, you need to consult with the property to bear the weight.

8. Choose a massage SPA pool from a regular manufacturer
Choosing regular products not only guarantees product quality, but also does a good job in service. The company will provide you with reasonable water and electricity construction drawings according to the actual situation of the site, and you can use it after receiving the goods.

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