Healthy Living Means Happy Living, With A Hot Tub Or Pool From Pollock Pools & Spas

- May 30, 2019-


Self-care isn’t a healthcare trend, it’s a necessity. Did you know one of the best ways to take care of your physical and mental health is to create an oasis at home, a place where you can relax, turn off the phone and connect with family or friends? Pollock Pools can help make your oasis a reality. Everybody in the hot tub!

Yes, the hot tub. Hydrotherapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness,  designed to relieve stress and restore the body’s natural equilibrium. The combination of immersion, heat, steam and hydromassage improves blood circulation, may lower blood pressure, reduces muscle tension, by both invigorating and relaxing the body.

Plus, there are the undeniable mental health benefits of stress-reduction, rejuvenation and enhanced sleep results. So put the phones away. Invite your special someone, or the spend quality time with quality people in the comfort of your own backyard, in every season, whatever the reason. Hydrotherapy hot tubs aren’t for luxury, they are for life. Let that soak in while you imagine sinking in to your own Lovia spa.

LOVIA is a brand renowned for their beautiful and ergonomic design, creating the ultimate relaxation experience. Their hot tubs offer advanced hydrotherapy massage with powerful performance. At 160 gallons of pulsing water per minute in a grouping of jets targeting large muscle groups such as shoulders, neck, lower back, legs and feet. Whether it’s sore tissue, fascia or joints that need the support, Marquis’s hydrotherapy hot tubs are an investment in self-care.