Four Main Differences To Look For When Shopping For Hot Tubs

- Jun 28, 2019-


All Hot Tubs are NOT the Same
A big misconception is that Spas are just for Parties
•    Hot Tub industry has returned to its roots and the main use today is for relaxation
•    Health and wellness – If you can’t sleep – No matter what the problem is, use spa for 15-minutes in the evening and you’ll sleep better
•    Easier than walk-in/jetted bathtub – water is already filled and it’s already hot! 

Myth – All Hot Tubs are the same
•    20-25 years ago, there were fewer differences, and many hot tubs were the same.  Today, they’re very different.
•    There is a broad price range of spas, and there are quality spas in each of these price ranges 

There are four main differences as you shop for hot tubs.  Here’s what you need to know to help you sort through your options:

o    Jets and Comfort
    You want jets that offer gallon flow and high pressure/low volume for a quality massage, not just a lot of jets scattered throughout the spa
    People buy spas over jetted bathtubs – it’s already filled with water and it’s hot and ready to go

o    Cleaning Systems
    This is actually the #1 concern for SECOND time buyers  
    Ease of ownership
o    Energy Efficiency
    There is no enforced energy efficiency in hot tubs, but there are things you should know

o    Quality Shell
    While it’s the least exciting part of a hot tub, it’s one of the most important
    There are shells out there that are particle board – and I think we all know particle board doesn’t hold up well with water
    Established service centers at the local dealership – support that you receive
    Warranty differences
    The shell provides stability, allows for jet placement

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