Folding Bathtub

- Apr 02, 2019-

The cylinder material of the folding bathtub: double-layer tarpaulin with sponge as the cylinder, sponge thickness ≥5mm, tarpaulin color is bright. The surface has no wrinkles, no cracks, and the zipper pulls back and forth freely.

Folding bracket: The bearing frame is made of stainless steel square tube 25mm×25mm and 22mm×22mm. The upper port is made of 20~22mm stainless steel circular tube. The surface is smooth and the folding part is freely folded.

Back plate: It is made of stainless steel round or square tube welded, which can be flipped freely and firmly fixed. Waterproof Brake Breaking Force: ≥450N/50mm, Elongation at Break: ≥15%

ZR801 (2)