Does Indoor Swimming Pool Need Some Equipment?

- Nov 12, 2020-

As a place for public entertainment, indoor constant temperature swimming pools must be kept highly clean to avoid the spread of unsanitary conditions such as diseases. So how to do a good job in the water treatment of indoor constant temperature swimming pool, what equipment is needed? This requires scientific and reasonable design and matching, which must be rigorous and delicate, not careless.

First of all, let’s talk about indoor constant temperature swimming pool equipment. There are three types of indoor constant temperature swimming pool water treatment equipment. The first type is circulating filtration through sand tanks or integrated filtration equipment. The circulating filtration mode is used to filter and purify, but it is too small Impurities cannot be removed by this method and need to be sinked to the bottom of the pool with a vacuum cleaner to suck them away.


        The second category is equipped with disinfection and sterilization balance equipment. Domestically, there are strict requirements for "man-made swimming pool water quality sanitation standards". The swimming pool disinfection and sterilization balance device solves the problems of free chlorine residue, total number of bacteria, total number of coliforms and pH value. Such equipment mainly includes chlorine disinfection, ozone + chlorine disinfection, ultraviolet + chlorine disinfection and so on!


        The third category is equipment used to heat indoor swimming pool water, mainly electric heaters, gas stoves, boilers, solar energy and swimming pool air source heat pumps. According to the nature of the swimming pool, the swimming pool water temperature is usually set to 26°C. The heating of swimming pool water is divided into two parts: initial water injection and supplementary water heating, and circulating water heating.


        Through the above three steps, the water quality of the swimming pool can be kept good, but the indoor swimming pool is a highly corrosive environment, which requires the temperature, humidity, water temperature and ventilation control accuracy of the indoor swimming pool. Propike’s swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification heat pump can intelligently control relative humidity and reduce ventilation energy consumption. It absorbs heat and moisture from the warm and humid indoor air, and then circulates the air back indoors for further use. When needed, the energy usually released by traditional ventilation can be returned to the indoor air and water, and high efficiency can be obtained at lower energy costs. It can intelligently monitor the internal and external environment of the indoor swimming pool, the equipment can effectively recover heat, and can save the cost of use.

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