Children's SPA

- Feb 16, 2019-

Life is born of water and will die from water. Causes the aging of human cells, premature aging, and the root cause of the disease is closely related to the abnormal state of drinking water. So water is very important for humans, and children are of course included.

Benefits of infant water education:

1. It can relieve the ground heart force directly affecting the baby's limb joints and spine in the water. It can stretch the flexibility and flexibility of the baby's skeletal muscles, promote bone development, and increase lung capacity and promote growth and development.

2, in the water can strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase the heart's oxygen supply and blood supply, strengthen the circulation between the various organs in the body, improve the baby's own immunity.

3. Train the developmental foundation of baby IQ and emotional intelligence, stimulate the visual sense to promote the development of brain nerves, and significantly improve intelligence.

4, relieve the baby's anxiety, relieve bad mood, and at the same time improve the baby's sleep quality.

5. Improve the sensitivity and body coordination of your baby's sensory cells.