Brief Introduction Of The Jacuzzi

- Jan 22, 2019-

The jacuzzi comprises a cylinder body, a cylinder side is arranged on the cylinder body, a shower head and a switch are arranged on the cylinder side, the cylinder body is circular, and a surf nozzle and a bubble nozzle are arranged in the cylinder body. The utility model has the advantages of convenient bath washing and good massage effect, and is a sanitary ware suitable for use in homes, hotels and the like.

Jacuzzi is generally considered to be a kind of sanitary equipment. People want to buy it, and go to the bathroom shop to decorate. No one has seen it in the electronics store. In fact, the jacuzzi is different from a normal bathtub. It is a kind of household appliance, a kind of luxury electrical equipment. The Jacuzzi consists of two main components, a cylinder and a massage system.