Benefits Of Outdoor Jacuzzi

- Nov 27, 2020-

Benefits of outdoor jacuzzi

1. Treat insomnia
When massaged in the jacuzzi, the massage water flow relieves the nervous tension on the skin surface, provides an effective way to soothe the muscle tissue, and accelerates the blood circulation in the body. During this period, you need to make the greatest degree of relaxation, try to feel the vitality and heat transmitted by the water, which has a good effect on the treatment of insomnia.

2. Spa
Hydrotherapy is a type of physical therapy, which can promote human metabolism, promote heart function, promote blood circulation, skin bleaching, clean pores, remove body odor, and remove skin stratum corneum. Generally, you have to go to a professional spa and pay a considerable amount to experience the spa, but if you buy an outdoor jacuzzi at home, you can enjoy the spa anytime, anywhere! The built-in intelligent operation panel can control all the functions of the massage pool with one button. You can also turn on the Bluetooth speaker without going away, adjust the water temperature, light atmosphere, and massage intensity...

3. Massage
Of course the outdoor jacuzzi is a massage bathtub! Massage generally refers to the theoretical basis of the viscera and meridian theory of Chinese medicine, combined with the anatomy and pathological diagnosis of western medicine, and the manipulation of specific parts of the body surface to adjust the body's physiology and pathological conditions to achieve the purpose of physical therapy. The jet strength of outdoor jacuzzi is 5-10 times that of ordinary jacuzzi. There are more than ten kinds of multifunctional massage nozzles for different parts.