About Outdoor Spa Circulation Filtration

- Oct 23, 2020-

About outdoor spa Circulating filtration

Circulating filtration and anti-virus system: every time the massage bathtub is used up, dirt will remain on the surface, and the water needs to be changed immediately. Bacteria will be generated in the jacuzzi every few days without using the residual sewage in the pipes and equipment. When you use it next time, the bacteria will enter the jacuzzi through the nozzle, invade your skin and cause harm. The unique circulating filtration and anti-virus system of the SPA completely solves this problem. Take the Happy SPA spa pool as an example. It has a fully automatic 100% bypass-free water circuit. The water flow is first passed through an efficient filter paper core to remove physical impurities, and then it is disinfected by efficient ozone. Finally, the clean water flows back. Spa pool. The surface of some brands of spa pools has antibacterial function, and bacteria cannot survive on the surface, so the water in the spa pool will always remain crystal clear.