Why swim spa is a good choice

- Feb 23, 2021-

Why swim spa is a good choice

Swim spa pool unit is an updated product which could bring you a new experience of swimming, it is the real private swimming pool not landscape pool. It solve the problem of small or medium swimming pool which is limited length and have to turn back to swim continuously.
The endless pool unit contains a full set of pool equipment for filtering, circulating and disinfecting, it significantly saves the cost of operating and maintenance, because it doesn't need equipment house and the technician for operation and management.
Use the patented laminar flow propeller to impulse eater to produce a circulation flow.
Powerful water flow .
Smooth water surface .
Make small/medium sized pool, instead of a landscape.
Can be applied into projects like new-built small/medium sized swimming pools and reconstruction of old pools.
System equipment can be custom-built  according to different needs.
Adjustable flow rate according to  different swimmers, feel like swimming in a real river.
It integrates a set of swimming pool water treatment unit. No need to build motor room .
Adopt filter with high quality to ensure the pool water clean.
Automatic control ,without complicated manual operation, without professional management.

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