- May 18, 2020-

Why choose heat pipes from the reservoir?

Our hot tub gives a unique feel. With ergonomic design and customizable therapies, you can tailor the hot tub experience according to your actual needs.

Spa massage

Popular place in our hot tub:

A tranquil bathtub with various seats and recliners, and an oversized footwell ensure that everyone is completely comfortable

The Versa massage nozzle can be adjusted from a gentle massage to an exciting pulse to relieve body and muscle soreness

The double heat shielding and heat insulation system that meets the strict standards of the California Energy Commission makes our hot tub the most energy efficient in the world

Our hot tubs come in many sizes. For small spaces and small families, we offer four or fewer hot tubs. For larger families or families who like entertainment, the models we provide can accommodate 5 to 10 people.

Our own experience

Our goal is to become the world's best manufacturer of hot tub and swimming spa equipment. To ensure that we reach this lofty goal, we get along with the best talents. Every member of our team is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. As a company, we reward innovation and innovative ideas. We listen to and respond to feedback from team members and customers. If you have any comments and suggestions, you can send us feedback to listen to your needs and help you choose the best product for your lifestyle and budget.

Let us choose the right mode for your family

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