whirlpool outdoor spa hot tub

- Sep 22, 2020-

Wholesale outdoor jacuzzi spa pool for garden

1.Outdoor SPA is the most advanced professional hydrotherapy equipment introduced from abroad in recent years. It achieves relaxing physiotherapy effects through careful design and balancing of water pressure, temperature, buoyancy and other aspects.Outdoor SPA is used for physiotherapy. Relaxing, leisure products, not for bathing, you can enter the spa pool after a thorough shower.

2.Outdoor SPA pool can be used for restroom facilities, sun room, basement, poolside, villa courtyard and other leisure places

3.Constant temperature system: Outdoor spa is equipped with a heater that can automatically heat the cold water to a preset temperature, and can accurately and continuously maintain this temperature, so that people can have a carefree, anytime, anywhere spa. A more high-tech design can recover the hot air generated by the operation of the equipment and send it to the spa pool through the nozzle. It will not be used like other massage bathtubs, which will cool the pool water by inhaling cold air, which is not complete. The effect of the spa. If it is equipped with a heat pump, it can also be cooled. In summer, the temperature of the water can be lowered, making it as cool and refreshing as spring water.

Massage effect: The factors that determine the massage effect mainly include the design of the seat and lying position, the temperature of the water, the strength of the water spray and the spray location. The SPA hydrotherapy pool can not only maintain the best massage water temperature, but also its position is designed according to ergonomics. The spray strength is 5-10 times that of the massage bathtub, and the number of nozzles is several times that of the massage bathtub.

Circulating filtration and antivirus system:Outdoor spa has a unique circulating filtration and anti-virus system. It has a fully automatic 100% bypass-free circulating water circuit. The water flow is first passed through an efficient filter paper core to remove physical impurities, and then subjected to efficient ozone disinfection, and finally the clean water flows back Into it.

4.Energy saving and environmental protection: Under normal use, the spa water can be replaced every 3 months.
The high-density, multi-layer, sealed thermal insulation material of the outdoor SPA ensures to minimize energy consumption and noise.

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