What is whirlpool bathtub

- Jan 13, 2021-

What is whirlpool bathtub?

The surf bathtub is also called a massage bathtub. Its special components include a massage water pump connected to the pipe and a massage nozzle in the bathtub, and there is a filter device on the circulation pipe.
The filter device is composed of a photocatalyst filter and activated carbon with adsorption properties. The water quality is processed through the filtering devices at all levels, which not only ensures the clean water quality, but also massages the body through the massage nozzle. Can fully relieve the tiredness of the day.
The surf bathtub has a wide range of applicability, suitable for people of every age, convenient and safe.
The surfing bathtub has a massage water pump, which gives a gentle and comfortable feeling during massage, giving full relaxation to the body and mind. There are also many shapes of surf bathtubs, such as round, rectangular, oval, triangular and so on. The installation method in the bathroom is also different, there are independent and embedded. There are also single and double bathtubs. In short, it can meet the needs of consumers from all aspects
12There are three massage methods in the jacuzzi, whirlpool massage, bubble massage, and mixed massage.
The whirlpool massage shoots water and air out of the bathtub through powerful nozzles, which can massage the entire body comfortably.
The bubble massage uses the bubble nozzle at the bottom of the bathtub to produce a large amount of bubbles to wrap the whole body and relax the muscles of the body.
The hybrid type combines the first two into one. The swirl nozzle beside it can remove waste in the lymph, while the air nozzle can produce ozone and fountain effects.

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