SPA massage steps

- Mar 25, 2019-

Hydraulic type

Reluctantly climb out of the barrel and start the next project: a hydraulic wet bed. On a large piece of elastic mat, I feel a uniform hydraulic force on the back of the body. The warm water is pumping down from the neck to the sole of the foot. The whole body can only be described as comfortable. Usually compared with the computer. The tense back muscles also relaxed. The temperature and strength of the water can be adjusted, and the whole process takes about half an hour.

Waterless sauna

The beautician is covered with mineral mud with weight loss and wrapped in a slimming blanket. I feel that this sauna blanket is a bit like a slimming capsule, and staying in the blanket will be sweating in a short while. The beautician introduced the blanket to burn fat and promote blood circulation. After 15 minutes, I climbed out of the sauna blanket, drank a cup of detox flower tea prepared in a beauty salon, and took a shower. I felt a lot easier, and the fat in my abdomen and legs became soft.