Outdoor spa and massage bathtub

- Dec 01, 2020-

Outdoor spa and bathtub Functional aspects:

outdoor spa jacuzzi

1. The SPA hydrotherapy pool can automatically heat the cold water to a preset temperature, and can accurately and continuously maintain this temperature. It makes people carefree, anytime and anywhere for spa treatment. More high-tech design can be recycled due to equipment operation The generated hot air is sent to the spa pool through the nozzle again. It will not be used like other massage bathtubs, and the cold air will be inhaled to cool the pool water. The effect of a complete spa cannot be achieved.

2. The massage bathtub achieves the massage effect through some jet heads that transmit water and air. The jetted hot water can relax the muscles and help release the body's natural analgesic. In addition to maintaining the heat of the water, the jet of water The strength and spray position are another important factor that determines the massage effect. The spray strength of the SPA pool is 5-10 times that of the massage bathtub. There are more than a dozen multi-functional massage nozzles for different parts (refer to the function system diagram of the spa bathtub ). This is incomparable to the jacuzzi

3. The cleaning and maintenance of bathtub and water quality is a problem that jacuzzi has not been able to solve for many years. After each use of jacuzzi, dirt will remain on the surface and needs to be cleaned immediately. Jacuzzi does not use pipes and equipment every few days The remaining sewage will produce bacteria. When you use it next time, the bacteria will enter the jacuzzi through the nozzle, invade your skin and cause damage. The unique integrated filtration disinfection system of the SPA hydrotherapy pool completely solves this problem. It is Composed of three parts: fully automatic 100% bypass-free filtration cycle; high-efficiency ozone disinfection; silver ion purification. Coupled with special additives for regular use, the water in the SPA pool will always be crystal clear.

4. The environmental protection and energy saving of the SPA hydrotherapy pool are even more icing on the cake. The unique integrated filtration and disinfection system of the SPA hydrotherapy pool is like a small water treatment and purification plant, which can keep the crystal clear pool water for up to 6-12 months to replace it. The high-density, multi-layer, sealed thermal insulation material of the spa bathtub ensures the lowest energy consumption and noise. The multi-functional thermal insulation cover provides protection for the precious heat and energy. The electricity bill for basic operation can be as low as 2- 3 degrees, the spa bathtub provides us with first-class enjoyment of low energy consumption.

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