Outdoor jacuzzi introduction

- Jul 31, 2020-

The difference of indoor Jacuzzi and outdoor hot tub

  1. Usage:

    SPA pool is used for physical therapy, relaxation, and leisure products, and can be used in restrooms, sun rooms, basements, swimming pools, villa courtyards and other leisure places.Especially outdoor.

  2. The effect of Spa massage tub

    The SPA pool achieves a massage effect through some jets that transmit water and air. The flowing hot water jets can relax the muscles and help release the body's natural analgesics. The jet strength of the SPA pool is 5-10 times that of the indoor jacuzzi. There are more than ten kinds of multifunctional massage nozzles for different parts. The principle of ordinary massage bathtub is to spray water and air through nozzles, but the strength, angle and massage parts are not as good as SPA tub pools.

  3. About the cleaning

    The unique comprehensive filtration and disinfection system of SPA hydrotherapy pool, large paper core ozone, ultraviolet rays, can keep the water quality clear, at least one month or many months do not need to change the water. However, the residual sewage in the pipes and equipment will produce bacteria every few days without using the Jacuzzi. When you use it next time, the bacteria will enter the Jacuzzi through the nozzle, invade your skin and cause damage. Release water.

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