Jacuzzi nozzle

- Apr 01, 2019-

The cylinder wall and the bottom of the jacuzzi are distributed with nozzles. There are two pairs, and a dozen pairs. It is used for water to achieve the massage effect.

The nozzle at the bottom of the cylinder is mainly for massaging the back, and the nozzle of the cylinder wall mainly massages the sole of the foot, the sides and shoulders of the body.

Jacuzzi generally does not have any standard massage nozzle configuration, like the Kaldewei Jacuzzi, there are at least 8 nozzles, and there are 4 American Jacuzzi.

According to the configuration of the nozzle, the jacuzzi is generally divided into two types: single system and hybrid system. The single system has a single water spray and a single jet. The combined system is a combination of water spray and jet.

What kind of jacuzzi to buy, we must know the efficacy of the nozzle, the combination of the nozzle.

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