Jacuzzi maintenance

- Feb 07, 2019-

1. If there is any scratch on the surface of the bathtub, just use 2000# water sanding paper for grinding, then apply toothpaste, and polish with a soft cloth to be as clean as new.

2, the scale of the bathtub surface can be used with light acid detergent, such as lemon juice, vinegar and slightly heated, then wipe with a soft cloth.

3, hydraulic friction device clean 40 degrees Celsius hot water filled the bathtub, add 2 grams per liter of detergent, start a hydro massage for about 5 minutes, stop pump drainage, then fill the cold water, start the hydro massage for about 3 minutes, stop the pump after draining And clean the bathtub.

4, the surface of the cylinder is dirty, can be wiped with a wet towel, this process can be repeated three times, you can be as clean as new.

5. Do not use a rough surface and utensils that contain chemical solvents or particles to clean the surface of the cylinder.

6. Do not use hard objects or sharps to strike the surface of the bathtub. At the same time, do not allow the cigarette butt or heat source above 70 degrees to contact the surface of the bathtub.

7. After the bathtub is used, drain the water and disconnect the power supply.

8. If the water return and nozzle are blocked by hair and other debris, you can unscrew it.

9. Gold-plated and chrome-plated parts do not need to be wiped frequently.