How to use the spas tub

- Jan 18, 2021-

Introduction to Jacuzzi
The massage bathtub includes a cylinder body, the cylinder body is provided with a cylinder side, a shower and a switch are arranged on the cylinder side, the cylinder body is circular, and the cylinder body is provided with a surfing nozzle and a bubble nozzle. The utility model has the characteristics of convenient bathing and washing and good massage effect, and is a relaxation tool suitable for families, hotels and the like. In fact, the jacuzzi is different from the ordinary bathtub, it is a kind of household appliances, a kind of luxury electrical equipment. The massage bathtub is mainly composed of two parts, the cylinder body and the massage system.
massage spas tub How to use the jacuzzi
1. Do not drop bath essence or aroma oil in the water when using the jacuzzi, otherwise an unremovable oily layer will be formed on the pipe or tap.
2. Do not use chemicals such as shampoo, bath lotion, etc. in the massage bathtub (especially the acrylic bathtub, which will cause it to change color and yellow), only use the bath products specially equipped for the massage bath.
3. Please use the neutral disinfectant specified in the manual for disinfection every time you clean the massage bathtub.
4. Regardless of whether the massage equipment is used or not, the suction port of the massage bathtub cannot be covered or blocked by foreign matter to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
5. Electrical equipment (such as electric shavers or hair dryers, etc.) cannot be used near the massage bathtub. Do not turn on these electrical equipment even if the massage bathtub is not used.
6. Since the massage bathtub massages the human body, the blood flow rate will increase. People with heart disease and thrombosis should use it with caution, and the water temperature should not be too high. People with leg varicose veins should seek the advice of doctors. opinion.
7. Similar to the smell, different colors also give people a different feeling. Red is exciting, yellow is cheerful, green can relax, and blue is calm. The illusion function of the bathtub realizes a dreamy bath.

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