how to buy a suitable hot tub

- Aug 20, 2020-

 You can refer to the following suggestions when you first buy a outdoor spa tub                                 outdoor jacuzzi hot tub                                                                                                                                                                            1. Pool body material:
The material used for the body of the spa massage pool is acrylic, both domestically produced and imported. Imported acrylic material has more stable performance, and has excellent performance in terms of thermoplasticity, ductility, impact resistance, and UV radiation resistance. In terms of cost, imported acrylic is higher than domestically produced. Since many spa massage pools are installed in open or semi-outdoor venues, the requirements for pool body materials are relatively high, and imported acrylic materials better meet this requirement.
2. Whether the function is upgraded
The function upgrade of the massage pool means that the manufacturer has developed a massage water bed suitable for the human body structure after completing the basic functions of the bathtub and combined with the ergonomics and the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. The system has expanded the massage pool function to make the massage pool comfortable improve.
3. Is the operation convenient?
Spa massage pool is an integrated body of many systems. A good massage pool will intensively control the system and make the operation more convenient.
4. Is it easy to install?
The ability to integrate and optimize the complex massage pool operating system is an important indicator of the convenience of installation of massage pool products, that is, two interfaces can be installed. The simple access method is the prerequisite for putting the massage pool into use as soon as possible.