Features and effects of various SPA pools

- Jan 08, 2021-

Features and effects of different spa tubs
1. Cold water bath: The cold water bath is specially set up with the use of sauna and steam bath. The purpose is to use the two alternate cycles to promote the microcirculation of the human skin to eliminate fatigue and achieve the purpose of strengthening the body.
        The so-called cold water bath means that the bather is immersed in cold water at 7-91°C (or 8-13°C). The capillaries in the body are quickly contracted, their nerves are stimulated, and toxins in the body are eliminated to achieve the purpose of restoring energy.

2. Hot water surfing bath: the bather is immersed in a hot pool of 35-39℃ close to the temperature of the human body, and can stay for a long time, plus a variety of different functions of direct injection, pulse, rotary, rapids The type of hydro-massage nozzle impacts the main acupoints of the bather. It relaxes the body muscles. It can achieve the purpose of complete relaxation. Surf baths are generally called hydromassage pools, also known as hydrotherapy pools and SPA pools.
3. Pearl bubble bath: the bather sits and leans in the hot pool, and uses the fine, cold bubbles to roll out of the water from the bather’s legs and thighs along the skin, as if ice-cold pearls are densely and gently Sliding on the human body makes bathers feel comfortable and happy.
4. Ginseng bath: Add ginseng medicine liquid to the pool. Because ginseng can replenish vitality, it enables bathers to absorb ginseng through the skin during the bathing process and produce peculiar fitness effects.
5. Milk bath: add milk to the pool. Milk has the special effect of beautifying and moisturizing, and it has been the special enjoyment of noble ladies and the secret recipe of beautifying skin since ancient times.
6. Wood ash bath: Use warm water to wash charcoal to fully dissolve its activated carbon components. Bathers can absorb it through bathing, which can effectively reduce the influence of electromagnetic waves.
7. Beer bath: beer has the function of relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation. Adding beer to the pool water can effectively improve the microcirculation of the skin and increase the nutrition of the skin.

8. Aromatic herbal bath: The liquid is highly concentrated and extracted from aromatic essential oils and pure Chinese herbal medicines. It has no side effects after long-term use. It is a health and fitness spa bath.

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