- May 25, 2020-

Your hot tub cover is crucial to keep the water clean, maintain water temperature, and add a layer of safety. The good news is that hot tub cover lifters are available in a wide array of styles that can make covering and uncovering your spa stress-free. Here are three things you should know about hot tub cover lifters.

1) Hot tub cover lifters make it easy to enjoy a solo soak. While hot tub covers are necessary, hot tub cover lifters can transform its removal into a simple task. Although hot tub covers typically weigh about 50 to 70 pounds, their size and shape can make it cumbersome for one person to lift alone. Hot tub cover lifters facilitate the process, pivots to make it easy for one person to lift the spa cover alone. That way, you can enjoy your spa at any time—even if no one is around to help you remove the cover. 

2) The type of hot tub cover lifter you choose may depend on clearance around your spa. Some hot tub cover lifters place the cover vertically behind your hot tub. You’ll need approximately 18 inches of clearance behind the tub for this style lifter. Others lift the cover directly above the spa, which provides a great, space-saving solution. However, if your yard is prone to high winds, this type of cover could get easily damaged.

3) Investing in a hot tub cover lift could prolong the life of your hot tub.The easier routine water care is the more likely you are to use it, which is why a hot tub cover lift is an affordable and important upgrade to your spa investment. If it is easy to remove your hot tub cover, you are more likely to test your water’s pH balance frequently and add sanitizer and chemicals to keep your spa sparkling clean for years of enjoyment.

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