Classification of different bathtubs

- Nov 19, 2020-


According to the style: it is divided into cylinders without skirts and cylinders with skirts. The styles are round, oval, rectangular, angular and so on.

According to function: Divided into ordinary bathtub, massage bathtub, etc. Among them, the jacuzzi includes sitting bubble type, hydrotherapy type, hydrotherapy air type and so on.

According to the production materials: it is divided into acrylic bathtub, cast iron bathtub, steel bathtub, wooden bathtub, etc.

hot tub spa

1.Our product is outdoor spa/spa hot tub/outdoor jacuzzi(It is suitable for massage)

You can use circulating water for hydromassage, but you need to use electricity as an energy source.Our products provide many ways of entertainment, for example, you can connect to Bluetooth to listen to music, and you can also control the lighting of the outdoor spa. You can listen to comfortable music and soak in the water for massage, or you can play in the water with your children.

Disadvantages:Too expensive,too heavy.

2. Wooden bathtub(It is suitable for taking a bath)

The materials are nanmu, cypress, oak cedar, pine, etc. The overall performance of the nanmu bath barrel is the best, but it is rarely seen on the market. Pine and cedar bath tubs are prone to moisture, blackening, and mildew, and their overall performance is poor.
Advantages: It has the advantages of heat preservation, environmental protection, small footprint, easy cleaning, long life, and convenient installation.
Disadvantages: In the case of long-term drying, it is easy to crack, so if it is not used for a long time, put some water in the bucket.

3.Cast iron bathtub(It is suitable for taking a bath)
It is made of cast iron and covered with enamel.
Advantages: long service life, high grade, easy to clean. Due to the thick cylinder wall, the heat preservation performance is also very good. In addition, the cast iron cylinder has good gloss and a relatively long service life. At the same time, the acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance of cast iron bathtubs are also better than similar products.
Disadvantages: The weight is considerable. Therefore, transportation and installation are difficult. Due to many factors, the price of cast iron bathtubs is much higher than that of steel bathtubs.

Hope this introduction can help you.