Causes of leakage of outdoor jacuzzi

- Sep 25, 2020-

  1. Causes of leakage of outdoor jacuzzi

  • The power cord is in poor contact, and the leakage switch is cut off. The repair method is to directly check and eliminate the poor contact and turn on the power;

  • There is leakage or grounding on the power supply and circuit. The maintenance method is to measure the power supply, circuit and grounding wire to eliminate the leakage and grounding.

2. Maintenance method of leakage of outdoor massage bathtub

  • Ensure that the protective grounding wire at home is intact and the wiring meets relevant requirements.

  • Ensure that the leakage protection circuit breaker works normally.

  • The socket of the bathtub electrical appliance must have three holes, one of which is reliably grounded, so that there is no fear of leakage in the bathtub.

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