Bathtub buying tips

- Mar 11, 2019-

1 look at the gloss. Know the quality of the material by looking at the surface gloss, suitable for any kind of bathtub.

2 hand press, foot test the firmness. The firmness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material. The visual inspection is invisible. You need to try it yourself. In the case of gravity, such as standing in, there is a feeling of sinking.

3 touch the surface smoothness. It is suitable for steel plates and cast iron bathtubs, because both baths need to be enamel-plated, and the plating process is not good, there will be fine ripples.

4 listen to the sound. When buying a premium bathtub, it is best to "test the water" and listen to the sound at the time of purchase. If the motor of the jacuzzi is too noisy, it will not be a success.

5 see after-sales service In addition to looking at product quality, brand, and cost performance, after-sales service is also an important factor that consumers should consider, such as whether to provide on-site measurement and installation services.