ZR7102 Outdoor Whirlpool With Two Lounge Seat

One of the most important things to consider when buying a spa for your family is seatin. It’s hard to spend quality time with your family of seven in a four-seat hot tub. It’s important to have enough room for everyone, as well as various depths of seats for family members of differing heights.  After all, you don’t want your toddler submerged up to their eyeballs, or dad barely wet to his belly-button. Our ZR7102 can give you all of that.
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Product Details

6 person spa Outdoor Whirlpool bath tub

ZR7102 Overview

Quick Details
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Lovia
Model Number:ZR7102 
Massage Type:Whirlpool Massage
Installation Type:Freestanding
Drain Location:Center
Product Name:Hot Tub
Shell material:Aristech Acrylic
Seating Capacity:1 loungers & 5 seats   
Total Jets:39pcs
Shell Color:7 colors for option
Certification:SAA, ISO,TUV,CE
 Dry weight300 kg
 Filled weight(with water inside)1600kg
 Support frameAluminium (40mm*20mm)
 SkirtPS(optional colors)
 Shell insulation
2 cm
Control systemBalboa BP200G2 + TP500S +3kw heater
Power supply220V/380V/110V
Underwater lighting1pcs
UV sterilizer1pcs

How to buy spa hot tub for the first time?

1. Take time to research
The Internet has made many product information easy, including buying a spa jacuzzi. You can read a lot of useful product information online, watch a lot of product usage videos, and you can learn more about different types of SPA massage bathtubs and how they can meet your needs.

2. Compare vendors
There are many different manufacturers of SPA massage bathtubs in China. To ensure that you buy the right SPA massage bathtubs, a good way is to compare each of the different manufacturers and the products they provide. The functional difference may seem small, but it can really make your enjoyment of the SPA jacuzzi different, such as: appearance design and product quality.

3. Installation location
Before buying a SPA massage bathtub, you need to make a plan for the product installation location. Indoor or outdoor, in the basement or in the back garden, in the high-rise or on the ground floor, if it is installed on the top of a high-rise building, you need to seek professionals to understand the load-bearing capacity of your floor, if it is installed in the back garden, you need to consider the surrounding trees or other Things that will stain the jacuzzi, make sure that fallen leaves will not fall into the SPA jacuzzi, you also need to consider privacy protection, whether you are willing to let your neighbors see, etc.

4. The size of the SPA massage bathtub
Once you know where to place the SPA jacuzzi, you will have an idea of the space you have. There are many shapes and sizes of SPA massage bathtubs, which can be put into the smallest outdoor space. You should not always choose the largest size jacuzzi, because sometimes doing so may take up too much space. You can consider how often your family or friends use it or how many people use the SPA jacuzzi at a time. Considering the maximum capacity it uses, you should be able to choose a suitable one.

5. Optional accessories
When you buy a SPA massage bathtub, you will find that you can also choose whether to purchase accessories such as the insulation cylinder cover and the steps to enter the bathtub. When your SPA massage bathtub is idle, put the cylinder cover on the bathtub for heat preservation. This saves energy and power. This not only allows the bathtub to retain heat, but also reduces the SPA massage bathtub from entering too much leaves and dust, etc. Too dirty condition.
Other accessory options include multimedia Bluetooth connection music, which appears in the form of an entertainment system. You can link the player with your mobile phone and play various music through the speaker; LED colorful waterline lights can set off a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

6. Clean the circulatory system accessories
SPA massage bathtubs mainly rely on paper core filtration, ozone kills viruses, and keeps the water clean. Just like water purifiers, the filter elements need to be replaced regularly. SPA massage bathtubs also need to replace the paper core and ozone. Generally, the paper core is replaced every 3-6 months. , Replace the ozone every 1-2 years.

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