L508 Outdoor Spa

Complete your outdoor living area with  our Brand New outdoor spa L508, the ultimate in relaxation and enjoyment. This two Lounge with three seats, modern Aluminum Frame and 4mm Natural wood colored Aluminum plastic panel Skirt, a whole new deluxe experience. A new concept in holistic wellness and modern hot tub design. Each massage is bio-engineered to specifically address your personalized therapy while every detail appeals to your refined sensibilities. You will find no other spas on the market like this New Spa. Focused on offering the most extensive range, LOVIASPAS has a diverse range of outdoor & indoor massage Spas, Swim Spas and Spa Pools to cater for everyone's taste and budget and with the latest trends and styles to complement any home or outdoor living area.
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Cheap price SPAS whirlpool massage hot tub

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L508 Outdoor Spa

Complete your outdoor living area with our Brand New outdoor spa L508, the ultimate in relaxation and enjoyment.

This two Lounge with three seats, modern Aluminum Frame and 4mm Natural wood colored Aluminum plastic panel Skirt, a whole new deluxe experience.

A new concept in holistic wellness and modern hot tub design. Each massage is bio-engineered to specifically address your personalized therapy while every detail appeals to your refined sensibilities. You will find no other spas on the market like this New Spa.

Focused on offering the most extensive range, LOVIASPAS has a diverse range of outdoor & indoor massage Spas, Swim Spas and Spa Pools to cater for everyone's taste and budget and with the latest trends and styles to complement any home or outdoor living area.




Quick Details
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Lovia
Model Number:L508 
Massage Type:Whirlpool Massage
Installation Type:Freestanding
Drain Location:Center
Product Name:Hot Tub
Type:Free-standing Bathtub
Shell material:Aristech Acrylic
Control system:Balboa BP6013 + Rectangle +3kw heater
Seating Capacity:2 loungers & 3 seats
Total Jets:81pcs
Weight-Dry/Fill with water:360/1960KGS
Shell Color:7 colors for option
Certification:SAA, ISO,TUV,CE

The hydromassage of the SPA massage bathtub is a process of transporting flowing water to various parts of the body, and is the final key element of the process. All our body systems benefit from hydro massage. Stress, injury, and poor body posture can all cause muscle cramps and pain. Water flow in a specific direction stimulates and relaxes the trigger point, which is a highly sensitive "nodule" in the spastic muscle.

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Packaging & Delivery:


Packaging Details

1.Film to cover the surface ;

2.EPE to wrap up ;

3. Foam to protect the frame ;

4. Paper box for the outside.

5. Metal pallet




C 证书详情

Packaging & Shipping

D Packaging & Shipping


1.What about the warranty?

(1) Structure: 5years;

(2) Shell: 3years

(3) Jets,Valves, Drainage,Pillow, Suction,Skirt,Pipes: 2years;

(4) Electrics: 2 years;

(5) Filter: 2 years;

(6) Other accessories:2 years

2.Do I need to install plumbing?

A: No. All above-ground portable spas are filled with water using a garden hose.

3.Is it installed inside or outside?

A: A spa can be installed indoors or outdoors, although over 90%, including those in cold weather climates, are installed outdoors. The two main considerations for installing a spa indoors are: will it fit through the door, and is the structural strength of the flooring adequate. A typical 3-person spa weighs approximately 2,500 lbs/1,150 kg when filled.

4.How often do I clean the spa?

A: Most manufacturers recommend draining and cleaning your spa no more than 3 or 4 times per year, depending on how frequently you use it and how well you maintain your water. In most cases this simple process will only take about an hour to accomplish.

5.What is hydrotherapy?

A: Hydrotherapy is the combined effect of heat, massage, and buoyancy. Warm water dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow to sore or damaged tissues, allowing oxygen and nutrients to help overworked muscles recover faster. Massage, provided by the spa's jet system, relaxes tense muscles and relieves pressure on surrounding nerves. Massage also improves circulation and accelerates the body's natural healing process. Buoyancy reduces your body's weight by 90%. This relieves pressure on strained joints and muscles. Hydrotherapy is widely recognized as an effective method of alleviating the tension commonly associated with stress.

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