Guangzhou Lovia Pool & Spa Products Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Lovia Pool & Spa Products Co.,Ltd belongs to Guangzhou Huantong Industry Co., Ltd, specialized in outdoor hot tub development and sales for the integration of modern manufacture enterprises. The company outgrew its 45000 square foot manufacturing facility, located in Zhongxin Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. With years of planning and development, it has become one of the most large-scale, modern and professional outdoor spa manufacture enterprises.

Hot Products

    • Wholesale Outdoor Spa Pool ZR803

      Wholesale Outdoor Spa Pool ZR803

      Because of it's compact size, the ZR803 is the perfect hydrotherapy spa for indoors, courtyards, balconies and other smaller spaces.

    • 5 Person Party Spa

      5 Person Party Spa

      Lovia Pola Series--5 Person Party spa ZR808 Appearanceļ¼šThe design caters to the current trend of light luxury in the Spa market, the emphasis is on simplicity, fashion, light luxury and comfort,Designed for your dream hot tub backyard;All-aluminum-plastic board skirts in a variety of colors, with built-in waterproof LED strips.

    • Outdoor Spa With Aluminium Plastic Skirt

      Outdoor Spa With Aluminium Plastic Skirt

      Lovia Outdoor Spa with Aluminium Plastic Skirt The minimalist design of the Pola series hot tubs is inspired by contemporary architecture trends, allowing them to integrate harmoniously in modern living environments.Obtained the invitation of the organizer of the Pisina &Wellness Barcelona exhibition in 2021 as the main exhibition product display. Our Pola Series Spa are new with Aluminum Plastic Panel Skirt, ABS Base, All-Aluminum Strong Frame etc